KIYOE Gallery Niseko is proud to introduce a variety of carefully curated exhibitions, showcasing accomplished Japanese artists, their inspiration, and their talent.

Art is at the very heart of AYA Niseko. It is in its inspiration, found in the weave of luxurious kimono or modest tatami; it is in its design, in the sweeping lines and intertwining colors, textures and materials of its structure; and it is within its spirit, in the subtle meeting of tradition and modernity, of nature and luxury, journey and arrival.

Past Events & Exhibitions

'Ayanasu' (2017)
The muse for the inaugural exhibition of KIYOE Gallery Niseko was the Ancient Japanese word "AYANASU"— which means "to adorn with many bright colors"—a testament to both the striking vitality of the colors and terrain of Hokkaido's varied landscapes, and a glance towards the meticulous artistry of overlapping lines and colors, interlacing textures and surfaces, and thoughtful winding spaces that have been woven together to form AYA Niseko itself.

'Tradition and Innovation' (2017)
The ceramic art exhibition featured the works of Artist and "Living National Treasure", Imaemon Imaizumi; Tsubasa Kato, Toshiya Shimozawa, and many more. 'Tradition & Innovation' presented an eclectic range of physical styles, with artists drawing upon traditional, ancient techniques of old; as well as innovative, paradigm-changing concepts from the contemporary world. Carefully crafted artworks inspired and amazed through their use of space, texture, perspective and dazzling intricacy.

AYA Niseko Art Festival (2017)
The inaugural AYA Niseko Art Festival was a huge success, with hundreds of guests visiting AYA and Kiyoe Gallery to enjoy the presence of talented artists and their incredible artwork — alongside a delightful spread of live events throughout the three day period. The festival returned once more during August to celebrate art, culture, and some truly amazing domestic talent.

Live events included musical performances by Hajime Fukuda and Rie Oohashi, an exclusive Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne seminar, Nichijo-sahanji with artist and monk Tenshin Kazama, and a talk & dinner with art critic Kouichi Mori.

Featured Artists

  • Kineta Kunimatsu
  • Sachiko Kunimatsu
  • Season Lao
  • Yuhi Kazama
  • Midori Imazu
  • Rikiya Oizumi
  • Harumi Kodama
  • Motoka Watanabe
  • Imaemon Imaizumi
  • Tsubasa Kato
  • Toshiya Shimozawa
  • And many more...

We warmly welcome you to enjoy the paintings, sculptures, and installation pieces found within the gallery and throughout the building during your stay.

Opening Times

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7 days a week

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Monday and Tuesdays closed - Excluding holidays.

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