Cultivate discipline, focus, and flexibility while engaging the body and calming the mind.

Celebrating the start of their eighth year of winter yoga classes, Powder Yoga Niseko invites you to join a passionate and diverse community of students and teachers, whose teaching styles and welcoming spirit cultivates soul-affirming yoga experiences every time—right in the heart of AYA Niseko.

Our Mission
To create a welcoming space and community in the heart of Hirafu Village, where students and teachers gather to inspire, empower, and support.

Our Teachers
Inside our studio we celebrate uniqueness and diversity; we encourage our teachers to bring their own teaching style and voice, allowing for a unique yoga experience every time.

Our Passion
Our passion stems from the powder lifestyle: we believe to be able to enjoy the winter wonderland of Niseko, one needs a strong & flexible body, a calm & focused mind, and an inspired & passionate spirit.


Yin Yang Vinyasa
The perfect class to come to right after your big day on the mountain or on any day where you're looking for a balancing yoga practice. Yin Yang Vinyasa plays with the balance between strength/flexibility, heating/cooling, and active/relaxing. The goal is to cultivate energy, but also to instill a deep sense of peace.

Pre-Ski Yoga
Warm-up your body for skiing/boarding with this shorter yet thorough 40-minute morning class. Build your strength, train your balance, and feel more confident on your first run down the mountain.

Morning Yoga
Experience the benefits of waking up to yoga! Set yourself up for a great day with this 75-minute practice designed to wake up the body and target all the places that might need a little extra life breathed into them after a night of sleep.

Yoga Stretch
Everybody needs to stretch more, especially if you are active in snow sports! Yoga Stretch is designed for all levels and abilities with a slow, accessible pace, and with most of the poses done while seated. This practice inspired by "Yin" yoga, so simple poses with longer holds to stretch the dense connective tissue of the lower back, hips, and spine.

A more athletic style of yoga practice, this fun and challenging class will have you moving, sweating and breathing like you never have before. With a creative and eclectic mix of traditional and innovative yoga postures, get ready to play with and flow through many asanas with a powerful approach and attitude.

This class will get you breathing, moving and inspired. We'll begin by slowing it right down to establish a strong connection with our breath, and from there the sequences will focus on weaving all our movements with the breath.

Core Yoga
A strong core is not only a key factor in preventing skiing/snowboarding injuries, it is the central powerhouse to our bodies. This class will lead students through many poses and exercises to strengthen, stabilize, and improve balance.


AYA Niseko 5F


Classes available Winter to Early Spring

For full program, pricing and class information, please visit the Powder Yoga website. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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