For your peace of mind

Our approach to dealing with the novel coronavirus(COVID-19):

At the resort hotels operated by our company,
we are making various efforts including preventive measures.

At this hotel, we are making various efforts including the following preventive measures so that our guests can use our facilities
with peace of mind.

Improved hygiene management

  1. 1.The hotel staff wear masks.
  2. 2.We regularly disinfect places in the building (lobbies, lounges, elevators, carts, handrails, etc.) that can be touched by a large number of people.
  3. 3.We disinfect areas that may have been touched when cleaning the guest rooms (doorknobs, tables, remote controls, slippers, etc.).
  4. 4.Alcohol disinfectants have been installed in various places throughout the building, so they are easily accessible when using the facility.
  5. 5.Guests are kindly requested to wear masks when using the hotel.
  6. 6.We may ask to measure your temperature when entering the building and during your stay with us.

Avoidance of the three Cs: Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings.

The following measures are being taken to avoid the 3 Cs within the hotel:


  1. 1.At the registration desk, we ensure a distance of at least 2 meters between guests. In addition, we may limit the number of people in a queue.
  2. 2.An acrylic board has been installed at the registration counter to prevent airborne infection between guests and the staff.
  3. 3.Ball-point pens and other handheld objects are disinfected and wiped off frequently.
  4. 4.We accept payment in advance to avoid congestion during checkout time. The room may be used even after payment.
  • An example of securing distanceAn example of securing distance
  • An example of acrylic boards installedAn example of acrylic boards installed

Meals at restaurants
and in rooms

  • Meals at restaurants and in rooms
  • Meals at restaurants and in rooms
  1. 1.Seats in restaurants and lounges are set with a partition or acrylic board installed between them or at a minimum distance of 2 meters apart.
  2. 2.Tables, chairs, menus and tabletop accessories such as condiment pots and napkin holders are thoroughly disinfected after use.
  3. 3.We also offer room service and take-out menu that can be enjoyed in your room (except for some facilities).
  4. 4.In the buffet style restaurant, please wear a mask and gloves when picking up food from the buffet tables. We ensure that used tongs are frequently replaced by new ones, and some food may be dished out for individual guests by the staff wearing masks and gloves.
  5. 5.Dinner and breakfast are served by advance reservation only (except for some facilities). Admission may be restricted depending on congestion.
  6. 6.The restaurants, including private rooms, are frequently ventilated so that no room may remain closed.

Using the large
public bath and pool

  1. 1.We ensure a certain distance between lockers that can be used in the changing room.
  2. 2.We regularly disinfect the changing room.
  3. 3.In the sauna, the guests are requested to maintain a distance of at least one meter away from one another. No conversation in the room.
  4. 4.Please be sure to wash hands and gargle after using the swimming pool.
  5. 5.Admission may be restricted depending on congestion.

Use of ancillary

  1. 1.Alcohol disinfectants are installed in various places throughout the ancillary facilities.
  2. 2.In the karaoke room, we thoroughly disinfect the room and microphones, remote controls and other equipment and ventilate the room after use.
  3. 3.The kids indoor play area and the game arcade are also disinfected.
    Please disinfect your hands and wear a mask before use.
  4. 4.The mahjong room is currently closed.
  • If you develop a fever or cold symptoms during your stay at the hotel, please inform the hotel staff.
  • If you have any of the following symptoms, please suspend your use of the hotel.
  1. 1.If you have any cold symptoms;
  2. 2.If your taste seems impaired ; or
  3. 3.If you feel unusually fatigued.

To prevent the spread of infection among employees

  • All employees’ temperatures are taken when they arrive at work.
  • Disinfectants are installed at/near the manual doors to the back-of-the-house areas.
  • All employee entrances, restrooms and cafeterias are thoroughly disinfected.