Please note that some services and their operations may be affected by Health & Safety protocols. If you have any questions about services or arrangements during your stay, please contact us.

(Copy)Airport Transfers

At AYA Niseko, we believe that your journey does not begin when you arrive at our doors, but at the very moment you disembark.

New Chitose Airport

Your journey begins at the New Chitose Airport (CTS), Hokkaido's largest and most active airport. Chitose Airport links the island with mainland Japan, acts as an international hub for the rest of the world, and is situated close to Sapporo, the capital city and economic, entertainment, and cultural heart of the region.

The airport plays host to an impressive array of restaurants, souvenir shopping, and unique sightseeing and entertainment opportunities. While preparing for the next leg of your journey, indulge yourself with traditional Japanese cuisine, visit the cinema or fully-functioning Royce chocolate factory, or simply relax and unwind in a volcanic hot spring onsen.

Private Transfers

The fastest and most comfortable means to reach AYA Niseko is via private transfer. There are various sizes of vehicle available for your group to choose from, including compact cars for small families and couples, private vans and minibuses for larger groups, and chartered buses and coaches for parties that require ample seating space.

Once you have arrived and collected your luggage, your personal driver will locate your party at your meeting point and bring you directly to the doors of AYA Niseko.

No time wasted planning your route, no bus or train delays: Just sit back and relax—we'll be welcoming you before you know it.

Airport Shuttle Buses

For those who do not wish to book a private transfer, Airport Shuttles are a convenient alternative. There are numerous coach lines from New Chitose Airport to Niseko, with the average journey taking between 2 to 3 hours each way.

Recuperate, enjoy conversation with loved ones, or take in Hokkaido's inspiring vistas: with thick forests, meandering mountain passes and curious fauna, you'll feel yourself delving deeper into the heart of nature.