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Summer Services

While the majority of Japan swelters in the burning heat and heavy humidity of spring and summer, Hokkaido is well known for its delightfully temperate weather; resulting in many journeying to the northernmost islands for weeks and months at a time for the calming relief of cooler climes. A haven for the intrepid explorer, the nature lover, and for those searching for a relaxing getaway, Hokkaido is brimming with national parks, mountain ranges and opportunity for outdoor sports and activities.

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Niseko rafting is an addictive and adrenaline-packed whitewater ride taking place on the incredible Shiribetsu River.


Kayaking & Other Watersports

Sea kayaking near the Shakotan peninsula or Otaru Osyoro provides close access to beautiful shoreline areas normally inaccessible by foot.

Npb Trail Run

Hiking & Trail Runs

​Regarded as wild by much of Japan, Hokkaido is covered by seemingly untouched national parks, rough mountains, and a huge selection of terrain.

Lakes Crop

Lakes & Wetlands

Hokkaido is covered by incredible Lakes, Marshes, Swamps and Wetlands, teeming with life and providing stunning natural spectacles.


Road & Mountain Biking

Hokkaido truly is the ideal location for a road cycling enthusiast, and as a result of these conditions, the cycling population in Hokkaido has boomed.

Hokkaido Trips

Hokkaido Day Trips

Niseko is a popular base for exploring Hokkaido’s top spots and is only two hours from many regional attractions like Sapporo, Otaru, Shakotan, and many more.

Niseko golf


Niseko has rapidly become famous not only for its abundant powder snow, but also for its expanding collection of world-class golf resorts.

Climbing Wall

Other Summer Activities

Other Summer Activities - Including Indoor climbing & Summer camps for kids