Road & Mountain Biking

The weather is perfectly clean and crisp, trails are well-maintained, and roads are impeccably safe with low speed limits—sparsely populated by kind and considerate drivers.

Hokkaido truly is the ideal location for a road cycling enthusiast, and as a result of these conditions, the cycling population in Hokkaido has boomed, with many rental, tour and race organisations meeting the increasing demand.

Road biking

Thanks to a wonderfully diverse topography, Niseko is lucky enough to enjoy a wide variety of cycling routes, sprinkled around its encompassing area. This landscape grants it some incredible courses; ranging from gentle woodland roads that snake throughout the countryside, to farmland flats that reach out towards the horizon, to the more demanding mountain roads which tease riders with quicker slopes and ever steeper climbs.

Cycling races have had a resurgence in recent years, with the largest, the recent Boardman Niseko Classic drawing huge crowds of both spectators and competitors wanting to be a part of the gruelling 70km and 140km events.

Niseko Classic 2017 - Taking place on July 9th, 2017 - © 2017 Niseko Classic 2017

Mountain biking

Long after the snow season has ended, many ski resorts open their trails and lifts to mountain bikers and downhill cyclists. Warm up with an off-road expedition around the familiar ski trails, then put on your safety gear and rally your courage as you make your way onto a lift-accessed mountain biking trail.

With an ever-increasing amount of downhill courses and cross-country mountain biking trails throughout Niseko, you'll have forgotten about the snow in no time.

With Niseko Adventure Centre (NAC), you can all the necessary rental gear for an amazing day's cycle, or even get guided tours of a variety of courses, from challenging downhill single trails to relaxing riverside cycling, with all your bike rentals, gear and insurance taken care of!

Mtb 27
CourseDatesDurationAgesGroup size
Niseko Bike Trekking1st June - 31st October3.5 hours13+ years2+

Adults: Around 6,000 JPY / 5,000 JPY (with bike rental / without)
Adults optional private tour: Around 8,000 JPY / 7,000 JPY (with bike rental / without)
Prices include tax, gear rental, and insurance.

Bike rental half day: Around 2,000 JPY
Bike rental whole day: Around 3,000 JPY

Available early May until the end of October.

If you are interested in booking a cycling tour, renting bikes, or want further information about mountain or road biking, please contact a member of the AYA Niseko team.

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