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Heli Skiing & Cat Skiing

​Explore fields full of fresh powder snow, flowing lines that are completely untouched and unspoilt, and a mountain you have entirely to yourself.

Helicopter and Snowcat skiing are two different means of fulfilling the same goal—accessing the inaccessible with your group and having complete, uninhibited use of a backcountry field, abandoned ski course, or even an entire mountain.


Heli-skiing is a recent and rapidly expanding market in Japan, where alpine adventurers combine the thrill and quality of terrain the backcountry provides with the incredible experience and peerless freedom of an aerial approach that a helicopter provides.

Cat skiing

A ground-based alternative to heli-skiing, powerful Snowcats tour in areas solely reserved for Cat-accessible operations. With the gradient of terrain varying greatly from course to course, snowcat backcountry is renowned for its breathtaking depth of snow, making it a suitable start for intermediate skiers seeking their first foray into truly untamed territory.

  • Single & multi-run heli-skiing tours
  • Remote and exclusive locations
  • Photography tours
  • Single & multi-day cat skiing tours
  • Private charter & group cat skiing available
  • Incomparable terrain

If you would like to book a heli-skiing tour, or are interested in single or multi-day cat skiing expeditions, please contact the AYA Niseko team for more information.

Please note that all activities are subject to weather and availability.