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Mountain Guiding

In addition to a myriad of extensive ski trails, Niseko also offers access to expansive side and backcountry skiing, with a level of flexibility and accessibility that is still relatively unheard of throughout Japan.

Japan’s most famous ski resort internationally, Niseko is renowned for its vast yearly snowfall of impossibly light powder, immaculate ski slopes, and exceptional backcountry skiing. These sought-after treasure troves can be explored via a series of gates located on the boundaries of Niseko's courses, but are closed to the public during particularly unsafe weather conditions.

Although these out-of-resort areas can be approached by anyone with appropriate lift access when the gates are open, a very real danger and risk remains, even for the experienced.

Whether you want to discover new spots within the Niseko boundaries, or dream of exploring the rugged backcountry of nearby mountains and resorts, you can do so—all in the knowledge that you are accompanied by a trained professional who will maintain exceptional levels of safety and satisfaction.

We recommend that you only explore these zones while in the company of an accredited mountain guide.

  • Internationally accredited guides
  • Avalanche Safety gear & backcountry equipment
  • Safety briefings
  • Various guiding programs offered
  • On and off-resort guiding
  • Mt Yotei and Snowshoeing tours

AYA Niseko can assist with finding your own personal mountain guide—one who will provide you with the required equipment and briefing and lead you to the best locations for fresh powder and unforgettable experiences on the mountain, inaccessible and unknown to most.

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