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Onsen — or natural hot spring baths — are one of Japan's most famed and revered institutions.

Steam rises from the surface of the bath, a weighty, almost thoughtful stream of water pouring from the wooden fountain beside you. Feel your tension melt away as the volcanic elixir massages and soothes you to the core while snowflakes fall, silently.

AYA Niseko presents its guests with exclusive access to the building's onsen, offering a number of both indoor and outdoor baths, private family onsen, and spa facilities—while some room types also contain their own private baths.

Tapped from geothermally heated sources, onsen water contains many different salts, minerals, and chemical elements, the varying compositions of which resulting in a different bathing experience from region to region, and from bath to bath.

Onsen are traditionally either mixed or split into gendered baths, where guests remove their clothing and clean themselves thoroughly before entering the volcanic pools.

Onsen etiquette

  1. When bathing in Japanese Onsen, please remember to remove all clothing.
  2. Wash your hair and body thoroughly before entering the baths. Our onsen have washing areas with showers and traditional bathing stools & washbowls.
  3. Only small onsen towels can be taken into the bathing area; please do not put towels into the water.
  4. When entering the onsen after using the sauna, please use the showers to rinse first.
  5. When enjoying the public onsen, please be courteous and mindful of other guests.

If you would like further information on using AYA Niseko's exclusive onsen, or are interested in experiencing some of the other local onsen found in the Niseko area, please contact the AYA Niseko team.