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Imagine yourself racing atop a roaring monster, thundering through a white-carpeted field, the glistening snow and whistling wind whipping past your face as you plough through pockets of deep white powder and speed through picture-perfect courses.

Providing access to remote areas and high-speeds that are impossible to reach otherwise, snowmobiles come in many shapes and forms. Much like other extreme snowsports, the vehicles and terrain have varying levels of difficulty; with many being appropriate for beginners and dual-riders, and others advised only for those with high physical fitness and riding experience.

Zoom up and down hills, traverse along flats and float through gullies and over bumps in an experience akin to jet skiing or motocross: For the adventurous, work your way towards the lumbering, high-powered sleds that manoeuvre through powder at breakneck speeds; or opt for smaller, easier-to-ride snowmobiles if you prefer the perfectly panoramic views that a calmer ride provides.

  • Snowmobiles ranging from 200cc to 800cc
  • Single and dual-ride machines
  • Helmets, boots and goggles subject to availability
  • Beginner courses suitable for children from 12+
  • Panoramic snowmobile tours ranging from 30-90 minutes
  • Intermediate and advanced backcountry courses

If you are interested in this unique, high-octane powder snow experience, please do not hesitate to contact AYA Niseko's team for availability and further information.

Please note that all activities are subject to weather and availability.