High-Speed Lift Upgrades for December 2017

New Lifts

Tokyu Resort Service Co., Ltd today announced that the Niseko Grand Hirafu Resort will be undertaking exciting new high-speed lift upgrades this summer — with construction to be completed in time for the upcoming winter season.

The Ace Family Pair lifta two-person chairlift currently located beside AYA Niseko and the Family coursewill be replaced with a brand new high-speed quad lift this December. 

The Family run has long been one of the most popular courses of the Grand Hirafu Resort thanks to a forgiving gradient perfect for both beginners and children alike, and a highly convenient location which provides easy access to higher slopes from a resort level. The new Ace Family Quad — which will be faster, longer, and have higher capacity than ever before — is set to make skiing from AYA Niseko even easier.

Current Ace Family Pair Lift Location


New Ace Family Quad Lift Location


Generations removed from its predecessor — which made its first appearance in November 1983 — Family's new lifts feature technology that will automatically decelerate the chairs to a steady 0.8m/s on either end of the line, providing all riders with easier, more comfortable loading and unloading experience.

Replacement lifts will operate at almost 3 times the speed of the former system, and with higher capacity and reduced delays, will be able to transport up to 2,400 people per hour.

In addition, the top of the Family course and the route from the Sen no Ki course will be reworked before winter, with plans to lengthen the family run and improve access to the Alpine course, the King area, as well as the .Base Ski Center and car park.

With these improvements, and the addition of both the AYA Niseko and GoSnow locations at the base of the Family run in December 2016, popularity and usage of the Ace Family lifts is anticipated to rise going into winter 2017/18. 

However, with the promise of planned course extensions and modern high-speed quad lifts which will double the hourly volume of the ones currently in place, the Family run and the Niseko Grand Hirafu Resort will be more accessible than ever.

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If you would like to learn more about our new high-speed lift access, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the AYA Niseko team.

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