NAC Adventure Park - Niseko's exciting new year-round activity!

An exciting new year-round activity comes to Niseko this autumn with the arrival of the NAC Adventure Park!

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Popularised in Europe, aerial adventure parks give their outdoorsy guests the chance to take to the treetops to climb, swing, and zip line between elevated trunk-bound platforms. Enjoy navigating through a variety of physical puzzles that make up the park’s range of exhilarating obstacle courses.

Location & courses

Located in the forests beside the Ace Family Quad Lift — directly next to AYA Niseko — the park will extend past the Grand Hirafu Resort’s famed Family Run. 

Covering over 9,250m², the park's vast area allows for 8 different courses of varying difficulty, 100 elements and obstacles to overcome, and can accommodate up to 120 people at once.

Much like the ski slopes the park resides next to, the courses are divided by difficulty into different colour grades:

CategoryCourseLevelLengthNumber of elements

The yellow courses are suitable for first time adventurers and younger children, the green and blue courses provide a more challenging experience for those who have already cleared the first difficulty levels, and the red and black courses combine the most testing of elements, perfect for seasoned veterans.

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Overcoming obstacles

The courses themselves are made up of horizontal and vertical obstacles, ranging from nets and rope-bridges to platform-leaps, high-wires, and of course — zip lines. Participants are encouraged to explore independently and go at their own pace to fully enjoy the park, with instructors regularly patrolling to provide assistance to anyone having difficulty.

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Safety equipment

As with all of the best aerial adventure parks, most of the elements are greatly elevated, with obstacles located at an impressive 5m, all the way up to soaring heights of 13m in the air. Some courses even offer vertical drops, where participants are given the opportunity to dive from platforms towards the ground below!

In order to keep all of its guests safe and sound while they enjoy the exhilarating high-rise fun, each participant is equipped with a protective helmet and climbing body-harness.

Each element in the park is interlinked through a network of safety lines, which connect to every adventurer’s harness via their own set of safety lines and carabinas. All guests are given an initial safety briefing, and the safety equipment is extremely simple to use — allowing participants to enjoy the park without a worry in the world.

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What to wear

As an exciting and physical outdoor activity in the forest, it’s always recommended to wear clothes that can withstand both the elements and contact with tree bark, ropes, wooden platforms and obstacles, as well as plants and soil. 

Strong, ankle supporting boots are ideal for climbing and leaping, but sports shoes like sneakers/trainers are also recommended — and strong outdoor gloves provide fantastic protection for the hands whilst keeping them nice and warm. Remember to make sure your gloves & boots are non-slip!

Price list

Standard price
Normal course access: 4,800 JPY
Adventure course access: + 2,500 JPY

Winter price 
All course access: 5,000 JPY (November 4th - March 31st)


Niseko Adventure Centre

Tel: +81-136-23-2093
Email: [email protected]

Photo credit: © NAC Niseko Adventure Centre.

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