Hokkaido Fruit Picking

Hokkaido is renowned for the amazing abundance and incredible flavour of its produce — experience one of the region's favourite green season activities and enjoy freshly picked fruits in the summer sun!

Thanks to its abundant farmland and ever-increasing popularity both with locals and domestic and international travelers, it's easy to find road-side stops selling outstanding fresh fruit and vegetables, and the quality of both market and supermarket sold produce is held at an extremely high standard.

Plum Picking

Unlike many fruit picking fields in other countries, the Japanese tradition leans more towards an all-you-can-eat buffet of fresh fruit — picking tasty treats directly from the vine, stem, or tree, and eating them on the spot. Hokkaido is home to a huge number of fruit fields, farms, and orchards where visitors can pay to pick and enjoy their own fresh fruit.

There are many fruit picking spots within driving distance of Niseko, with certain areas being famous for their fruit, such as Yoichi and Niki, roughly 45-60 minutes drive from the doors of AYA NIseko; and others slightly further afield, located in areas such as Jozankei.

Yamamoto Farm

A large variety of fruit fields available throughout the year — make sure you try their apples!

Cherry Mountain

Another traditional fruit picking area in Yoichi, famous for their abundant cherries.

Seasonal Delights

Cherry Picking

Different produce is available throughout the year, but the peak of the fruit picking season takes place during the height of the green season, between June and November, with each month offering different in-season fruits:

Type of fruitBest time to pick?
StrawberriesMid June - Early July
CherriesLate June - Early August
BlueberriesLate July - Late August
PlumsEarly August - Late September
PeachesMid August - Early October
PrunesMid August - Late October
ApplesEarly September - Early November
GrapesEarly September - Early November
PearsLate September - Late October

If you fill up while picking, but still want to taste more of the region's tasty fruit, purchase your extra fruit for use in pies, jams, and freshly-squeezed juices, and many fields also allow you to buy delicious fruit desserts, dishes, and conserves directly from the orchard and fruit field farmers themselves.

For around a thousand yen per person, you can enjoy hours of fruit picking — sampling some of the finest and freshest produce Hokkaido has to offer, while taking in the warm sun and cool breeze.


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