We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you a brand new Japanese-Western restaurant is set to join our culinary offerings, and it will soon be featured as in-house dining experience at AYA Niseko

AYA Niseko constantly striving to enhance your dining experience, this is another step in our commitment to bringing you a diverse range of exquisite cuisines. AYA KITCHEN will offer a delectable menu of traditional and modern Japanese and western dishes carefully crafted by talented chefs for your memorable dining experience.

Besiness Days

Open from dinner on December 1st 2023

Business Hours

MealOpening HoursMenuPrice
Breakfast07:00 - 10:00Breakfast box (Western, Japanese or Vegetarian) . Free coffee and soupStay guests only
Lunch11:00 - 14:00Curry Rice, Ramen, Seafood Rice Bowl, Katsudon, Pizza, etc1,300 Yen - 3,800 Yen
Dinner17:00 - 21:30 (L/O 21:00)Sashimi, Hot Pot Nabe, Tempura, Ramen, Beef Steak, Grilled King Crab, Izakaya menus, etc 1,200 Yen - 15,000 Yen

Alcohol are available for lunch and dinner.


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Direct phone line : 81+ 136 55 6625

Parking Lots

AYA Niseko's on-site parking is for overnight guests only. Please note that there is no parking for visitors.