Le Guide Michelin - Hokkaido 2017

Michelin Guide

©MICHELIN - One of the world's most trusted culinary authorities for over 100 years.

First published in the early 1900's, the Michelin brothers' trademark guide provided useful information for the early generations of european motorists, such as maps,  landmarks, and most notably, restaurants. 

Beginning in France and soon covering Belgium, Algeria and Tunisia, with english language editions being first published in 1909, Édouard and André Michelin and their team of inspectors created and expanded upon what was soon to become a worldwide institution.

To this day, the recommendations of the Red Guide are regarded with much esteem, and the coveted Michelin Star is recognised worldwide as a mark of culinary excellence.

Hokkaido is renown throughout Japan for its incredible produce and cuisine, and this year's MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido sets out to document the best that Japan's northernmost region has to offer.

Niseko and its surrounding areas are well represented in the guide, with exciting additions for 2017:

KAMIMURA (Michelin star)

Contemporary french-inspired cuisine is fused with Japanese produce and flair by Owner Chef Yuichi Kamimura, who honed his culinary skills under renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda.

The only Michelin-starred restaurant in the Niseko area, Chef Kamimura's cooking is described as having "no borders", with his style refusing to "fall neatly into any genre".

Approx. 1-2 minutes by taxi


Bistro Kutchan Sakaba (New for 2017)

Chef Tsuyoshi spent time at michelin-starred KAMIMURA before opening his own tapas-style restaurant in the town of Kutchan. Reasonably priced with a notably comfortable atmosphere, Michelin inspectors enjoyed Bistro Kutchan Sakaba's tasty offerings and exciting wine list.

Approx. 15-20 minutes by taxi

Bistro Kutchan Sakaba

Teuchi-soba Ichimura

Serving soba-style noodles, crispy tempura and warming hot oden stew, Ichimura is remarked as serving simple and satisfying dishes. 

Approx. 4-8 minutes by taxi

Teuchi-soba Ichimura

Other featured local restaurants

In addition to its star ratings, the Michelin guide also highlights restaurants which offer "exceptionally good food at moderate prices," now labelled as a "Bib Gourmand" (*).

Restaurant reservations

If you are interested in sampling some of the many Michelin-noted establishments in the area, AYA Niseko is able to assist its guests with restaurant reservations.

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