Upcoming Summer Events

Whether you're looking for traditional matsuri, food-filled festivals, or sporty activities and competitions to take part in, there are plenty of exciting green season events to enjoy this summer — both in and around Niseko.

June 6th - 10th

Yosakoi Soran Festival
Located in Hokkaido's capital and central hub, Sapporo, the Yosakoi Soran Festival is an eclectic combination of creative choreography, costumes, and high energy action. Inspired by the Yosakoi Festival of Kochi Prefecture, teams of dancers parade and sing Soran Bushi folk melodies, accompanied by traditional naruko percussion clackers. Visitors are encouraged to get into the festival spirit and join in with the dancing as they watch; and can enjoy a large selection of food and drink stalls spread throughout Odori park.

Yosakoi Soran Sapporo Travel

June 10th

Nature Ride Niseko
Niseko's first event of the cycling season, the Niseko Nature Ride is a fantastic way to enjoy the area's beautiful summer scenery. Unlike some of the competitive road cycling events happening around town, the Niseko Nature Ride is suitable for riders of all abilities, and provides a more relaxed jaunt through Niseko's countryside.

For entry details and more information, please contact [email protected].

Niseko Nature Ride

July 7th

Iwanai Shrine Festival
A nearby port town located to the northwest of Niseko, Iwanai is host to one of the most unique and memorable summer festivals in the local area. Two ornate mikoshi shrines are delivered by sea in fishing boats before being paraded through the town—surrounded by a fantastic array of costumed carriers, adorned priests, and a theatrically decorated vanguard. A tradition of over 200 years, the Iwanai Shrine Festival is a piece of history, and spectacle not to be missed.

For more information, please visit Iwanai town's official website.

Iwanai Matsuri

Yotei Circuit Fun Ride
To celebrate the return of the UCI Niseko Classic, why not enjoy some of the event's most stunning vistas and magnificent views—all distilled into a delightful 58km mini-course. The Niseko Classic Yotei Circuit Fun Ride begins at AYA Niseko, circumnavigates the immediately recognisable Mount Yotei, and is a fantastic preliminary event for cycle beginners and enthusiasts alike.

For more information, visit the Yotei Circuit Fun Ride's official website.

Yotei Circuit

July 7th - 8th

Niseko Classic 2018
Now in its 5th year, the Niseko Classic has rapidly become one of the largest and most prestigious cycle road races in Hokkaido. The Niseko Classic provides one of the few opportunities for cyclists in Asia to qualify for the prestigious Gran Fondo World Championships. Accompanying Niseko's favourite cycle race will be the Niseko Classic festival, which will allow riders, spectators and travellers alike to relax with delicious food and drink, entertainment, and games and activities.

Taking place in the height of July, riders will have the chance to compete in extensive 70km or 140km courses through eclectic terrain, including the beautiful Panorama Line, picturesque Rankoshi and Kyowa areas, and even the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Find out more about Niseko Classic 2018 stays at AYA Niseko.

Niseko Classic

July 14th

Grand Hirafu Ohirome Festa
Niseko Grand Hirafu Resort celebrates the debut of their summer activities with a selection of the outdoor fun on offer, in addition to special summer lift ticket prices, food & beverage deals, and even downhill cycling! Ride the summer gondola for a brand-new green season perspective on Niseko's world famous ski resort, and enjoy easy access to Mt. Annupuri's hiking trails, biking trails, and Nature Learning Studio Ecol!

Find out more about Grand Hirafu summer activities on the official Niseko Grand Hirafu website.

Summer Ace Hill

July 15th

Strider Enjoy Cup
With all of the incredible bike rides and competitive racing events available in the area during the green season, Niseko's cycling culture is alive and well. The Strider Project was created to give toddlers and young kids a fun way of enjoying their first exciting racing experience on revolutionary kick bikes, and is perfect for kids aged 18 months to 5 years old. Watch them improve their balance, coordination, and discover the affirming feeling of self-propelled racing!

For race entry and further information, please visit the official Strider Enjoy Cup website (Japanese).

Strider Cup Compressed

July 20th - August 17th

Sapporo Summer Festival
One of the most anticipated events in Hokkaido—the Sapporo Summer Festival—brings together a startling spread of food and drink stalls from establishments and vendors from all over — as well as an expansive foreign and domestic beer garden. Taking place in Odori Park throughout the months of July and August, enjoy live music, events, and traditional dance and garb a plenty. Attracting more than a million visitors a year, this festival is not one to miss!

Sapporo Beer Compressed

August 4th

Niseko Town Tanaba Fireworks Festival
Nearby Niseko Town's fantastic fireworks festival takes place on the 4th, with plenty of food, activities, live music and dance performances, and of course—their annual summer fireworks display from 8pm!

For more information and event details, click here.

Niseko Ta Fireworks Compressed

August 4th - 5th

Jaga Matsuri
This local summer festival is inspired and named after Kutchan's town mascot, the anthropomorphic skiing potato boy — Jagata-kun — who features heavily throughout. With plenty of community spirit and fun, exciting games, events, and food, Kutchan's annual seasonal celebration is a lovely local adventure fit for the whole family.

Jaga Matsuri

August 5th

Niseko Hanazono Hill Climb
The 9th Hanazono Hill climb is one of the last cycling events of the summer this year, taking place on the day after the Kutchan Jaga summer festival. Not your average bike ride, riders are taken on a gruelling hill climb of over 15km at an average 4.6% gradient, finally ending at the 800m altitude finish line. This difficult but rewarding race grows in popularity each year, and for good reason — the Hanazono Hill Climb has become a first-rate challenge for all visiting cycling enthusiasts!

For entries and to find out more, please visit the official Niseko Hanazono Hill Climb website.

Hanazono Hill Climb

August 18th

Hirafu Matsuri
The beautiful Niseko summer reaches its peak in mid-August with the Hirafu Matsuri — one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year — offering a wide array of live events, music, food stalls, and competitions for all ages. Festival-going families flock from throughout the local area to enjoy this truly inclusive festival, which culminates with a dazzling firework display at sundown. If you plan to visit Niseko this summer, there's no better time to visit than festival season!

Hirafu Matsuri

If you'd like to find out more about matsuri or some of the other festivals and events taking place in Niseko and the surrounding areas, please don't hesitate to contact the AYA Niseko team.

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